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That Was the Week that Was— WHO, Trump and daytime telly star Eamonn Holmes. | PR Ireland

That Was the Week that Was— WHO, Trump and daytime telly star Eamonn Holmes.

As the days blend in to daze, last week’s news threw up some very interesting and disturbing tales.

None more odd than the pathway chosen by the President Of The United States Of America Donald Trump.

You could be right to say that each day The Donald has been President has been an odd and unusual one. Last week proved to be utterly outrageous when The Donald set his sights on the World Heath Organisation by by blaming a faceless bureaucracy for its involvement in this tragic global pandemic. His decision is utterly heartless, and furthermore to seek to use it for his very own selfish political means should not surprise anyone of us.

To take a closer look at his handling of the crisis, there are two very excellent in-depth investigation reports by The New York Times and The Washington Post. Both reports reveal that the Trump administration was asleep at the wheel when the virus reached the shores of America.

The solid long read by The New York Times hammers home the points raised in these reports and featured on its Easter Sunday front page, as the headline writer wrote: ‘Despite Timely Alerts, Trump Was Slow To Act.’

However ahead of the coming days, be ready for future pronouncements from the Donald as he seeks to maximise this crisis for his very own means as he thrusts for a second term. Watch out for the Joe Biden attack video just broadcast with many more in the pipeline as campaigning for the election will be digital.

Another story to hit the headlines last week saw UK veteran broadcaster and daytime standing host Eamonn Holmes put his foot into the very concerning but daft conspiracy theory linking Covid 19 and 5G mobile phone technology.

Last week, saw Nick Jeffery, UK’s Head of Vodafone, issue a strongly worded statement highlighting the very ‘dangerous lie’ about 5G after phone masts were destroyed by vandals. These phone mast were serving the vital needs of a NHS Nightingale Hospital in Birmingham, an important infrastructure serving the needs of critically ill patients, grieving relatives, staff and support services a busy Covid 19 hospital.

The escalation of the theory has alarmed many authorities, as similar mindless attacks of vandalism have taken place across Europe. Here at home, we saw copycat arson attacks on mobile phone base stations in Donegal.

The issues reminds us of a similar cases during the arrival 3G technology and the roll out of mobile phone base stations across Ireland a number of years ago. We developed a scientific and medical council made up of the country’s leading experts in the field of radiation and focused on critical areas such as infertility and cancer issues.

Adding to the mix of the conspiracy theories came long the daytime TV presenter who illumined the conspiracy theories by stating that he did not believe ‘the state run narratives ‘about 5G and the coronavirus.

Since Holmes outburst, complaints have been made to the UK’s broadcasting authorises, seeing social media platforms such as YouTube update their policy. Other social media companies have followed suit by reshaping their policy in the wake of the conspiracy theories and now the fall out. Just the other day YouTube has put a ban on all videos seeking to suggest that Covid 19 symptoms are caused by 5G.

Meanwhile back in the UK OFCOM has issued guidance to Broadcaster ITV following comments made by its presenter Eamonn Holmes about conspiracies with 5G Technology. The media regulator described the broadcaster’s words as ‘ill judged.’

Another week in trying to understand and make sense of the chaos in our busy world.


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