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The Last Beatles Song – Were you the only person to cry when you heard The Beatles new song? | PR Ireland


As the tune came on the radio a tear ran down the side of my face. The Beatles new song “Now and Then” has become a number one hit.

Paul McCartney once said he never thought the Beatles would last. He said “We thought then, maybe we’d have ten years. That was the maximum span for a Rock’n’Roll group”.

Now 2023, the voice of John, Ringo, George and Paul ring home today as fresh and as upbeat more than ever.

I cannot help thinking would John Lennon have allowed his basic recording be mixed to the level of this stunning finished product.

The song dates back to 1978, when John wrote an unfinished demo song on his piano in his apartment in the Dakota Building, New York City.

Yoko Ono gave the tape to Paul McCartney. Also on the tape were two other demo songs, ‘Free as a Bird’ and ‘Real Love’.

In 1980, after John’s death, the song was included on the Beatles Anthology album. This recording was a muffled demo recording of John singing with his piano and failed to draw any attention and had mixed reactions.

Now fast forward to 2021 and film director Peter Jackson. Peter was producing the three hour documentary ‘Get Back’, featuring plenty of unseen footage of the fab four.

Peter quickly saw the potential for the song and chose to remix John’s vocals away from the piano and add the voice of the other living Beatles.

I am sure you will agree the final mix is superb and has Ringo playing the drums with Paul playing his left-handed base guitar, piano and additional vocals.

The final mix arranged by George Martin’s son Giles who has been a magnificent success with a crystal clear recording 60 years on since the Beatles came together.

Well done super producer Peter Jackson who remarkably brought the band back together for us to enjoy a simple demo that is now Top of the Pops. Make sure you also watch the spellbinding video of the song.

Time to wonder, is this really The Beatles last song? What else is possible.


Please click the image below to view the video for “Now and Then”.

The Beatles - Now and Then[CD Single] - Music


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