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Public Relations Services

At Paul Allen & Associates, we believe in clear, concise, creative communication. By rejecting the norm, we deliver innovative and effective public relations campaigns. Our originality has been at the forefront of some revolutionary campaigns.

We also believe that our clients deserve personalised, individual services. Because of this, we only take on a limited number of accounts. This helps us ensure that we can meet this guarantee, giving you the best possible solutions.

Crisis & Issue Management

Paul Allen & Associates are regularly called upon to prepare and update crisis management plans before a crisis hits.

Corporate Communications

A positive and enduring corporate reputation, supported by strategic corporate PR, is one of the keys to credibility and engagement among customers and business stakeholders.

Media Training & Media Relations

Our team of experienced broadcasters and cameramen eliminate the fear and the notion that the interviewer’s lead must be followed.

Social Media

It’s nearly impossible to separate social media strategy from PR, given how digital and social media act as both a news source and a driver of brand reputation.

Public Affairs/Lobbying

Paul Allen & Associates has a proven track record in parliamentary affairs and lobbying politicians at a local, national and European level.

Event Management

At Paul Allen & Associates, we research your brand, your message, and the audience with whom you want to engage.
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Paul Allen & Associates is a multi-award winning communications agency that specialises in public affairs, corporate communications and crisis management. We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver the results that you need. Our ethos is simple – provide expert and effective strategies and solutions tailored to your needs. Our firm is used to working hard and responding quickly to high pressure challenges on a daily basis. (new line) We win campaigns. We deliver results. We change the course of events.

Managing DirectorPaul Allen

Paul Allen
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We pride ourselves on our transparency. Because of this, we want to tell you all about the public relations industry. Today, we’ll answer some questions you might have about it.


What Is Public Relations?

Understanding PR can be a little difficult. Many groups and individuals keep a creative PR agency on retainer. This decision can be useful — especially when managing a crisis.

But what is PR, exactly? Essentially, in public relations, your agency helps you maintain your public image.

PR can involve a business, an organisation, or an individual. Many individuals or groups might have trouble managing their own PR strategy. In this case, they might source assistance from a public relations company.

What Does a Public Relations Firm Do?

A PR company can help with specific forms of PR. This could be anything from media training and relations, to event management. They could also help form a social media strategy, conduct market research, or assist in public affairs.

Therefore, this leaves the business, or the individual, free to continue their daily tasks. With a skilled PR firm at hand, they don’t have to fret about their image-management, either.

What Is Public Relations in Business?

Many people believe that international PR agencies only deal with individual clients. However, many PR companies work to help businesses with their marketing and outreach.

For example, a B2B PR agency might work alongside businesses, supporting them with their corporate communications. Solid corporate PR is especially important for larger businesses. In fact, it could influence their reputation among stakeholders and customers.

How Does Public Relations Help Businesses?

Many PR companies in the UK work with big businesses in a number of areas. These include:

  • Consumer and lifestyle: Many public relations firms offer market research. These firms also help with publicity for new products and services.
  • Financial PR: This aspect can be extremely helpful for new businesses. Here, a public relations agency will help develop new business strategies.
  • Internal communication: Here, a PR company will usually help with communication within the company. This can be extremely useful when onboarding new employees.

Over the years, we’ve seen more and more businesses turn to PR services, for a number of different reasons. In fact, some businesses even have their own in-house public relations consultant, to help field various situations.

If you’re thinking about availing of public relations services, we’d wholly recommend it. Simply go online, and look for, “PR agencies near me”. This will give you an idea of local agencies that could potentially help you streamline your business.

What Is Political Public Relations?

Many politicians turn to a PR agency, especially before they launch a campaign. This is extremely important, as a good PR company can help politicians gain ground even with communities that oppose them.

In fact, political public relations can help manage a politician’s entire campaign. This can be done through communication and action — such as campaigning and debates. The agency can also run digital PR through a politician’s social media accounts and websites.

Ideally, this will help influence the public, helping them see that the politician would, in fact, be the best electoral choice. Therefore, a digital PR agency could be crucial in helping a politician clinch an important victory.

What Do You Do in Public Relations?

PR jobs usually involve a number of different aspects. You might think that a career in public relations solely consists of PR crisis management. However, this isn’t the case at all.

In fact, PR consulting could involve online PR services. This means that your public relations consultant takes charge of your social media accounts. They could also advise you regarding what you should and shouldn’t post. By doing this, they’re effectively helping to build your brand.

Additionally, most businesses work with a financial PR agency. This helps them manage their fiscal reputation. Here, the PR agency will also advise them on stock prices, and on any big financial ventures.

There are a number of other PR-related activities, provided by these firms. For example, some firms might give their clients PR training. This helps their clients appear more personable, building up their popularity.

What Is Public Relations Strategy?

A PR strategy is a series of tools and tactics utilised by PR agencies, to help achieve their client’s long-term goals. While this might sound slightly complicated, this isn’t the case at all.

In fact, a good digital PR company should be able to formulate several effective tactics, fairly quickly. Three of the most popular tactics include:

  • Communications agency services: This usually consists of media features, storytelling, and professional profiles.
  • Online branding: In an increasingly digital world, building your brand matters. A good PR company can help with this — from setting up your social media profiles to advising you on what to post.
  • Social and corporate responsibility: More and more people want to buy from socially responsible brands. Your PR marketing firm can advise you on how to increase transparency, as well as how to engage with customers.
How to Improve Public Relations?

You could always try to improve your PR on your own. Whether you run a successful business or want to build your personal brand, it’s likely that you tried doing it yourself. However, if you’ve been unsuccessful, we’d recommend recruiting a PR company to help.

Whether you’re looking for PR firms in London, or to improve public relations in Dublin, better PR is merely a click away!

What Is the Role of Public Relations?

Public relations could play a crucial role in the way you run your business. Whether you need a PR crisis under control, or simply want to boost your image with some positive PR news, having an agency on hand could be extremely useful.

Furthermore, with an online PR agency, you’ll be able to publicise any positive company-related news. This could be significantly helpful in boosting your image.

What Is Marketing in Public Relations?

It’s easy to confuse marketing and public relations. However, marketing is an entirely separate entity to PR. That being said, PR professionals often use marketing in client campaigns.

For example, PR firms might often refer to your goods and services during a campaign. They could highlight these aspects, creating publicity around your brand, through these services.

Therefore, while marketing and PR might be very different, there certainly is marketing overlap in the field.

How Can Public Relations Support Marketing Activities?

You might have an in-house marketing department that deals with new products, services, or changes in the company. However, your online PR agency could be just as helpful in promoting these changes.

They can do this by promoting them on your social media accounts. The agency could also direct you towards events and conferences, where you can discuss these topics with an audience. By doing this, you could see an increase in clients and customers.

Is Public Relations Worth It?

If you’re considering striking up a PR relationship with a firm, you might have wondered if it’s really worth the expense. Well, we’re here to tell you that yes — it really is. Adding a public relations firm to your list of expenses really helps to streamline your entire business.

In fact, a good online PR agency could manage your social media and online presence. This means that you have one less thing to worry about. It also means you have more time to focus on your business.

How to Get Started in Public Relations?

You might have considered a career in PR. The first step to pursuing your dream is to sign up with PR recruitment agencies. This helps the recruitment agents identify any potential opportunities.

Next, work on getting your foot in the door. To do this, look up, “PR companies near me”. Once you have a list of local public relations agencies, browse their list of vacancies, and consider applying. This will help establish rapport with local agencies.

Why Is Planning So Important in Public Relations?

PR gurus are known for their ability to consider an entire situation, before even their first move. This allows them to analyse the situation, and determine the best possible solution.

Furthermore, when it comes to crisis management, these professionals need to anticipate any form of backlash. Therefore, by planning ahead, they’re able to prepare for any sort of response, and react accordingly.

How to Get a PR Agent?

If you’re looking for a public relations agent in Ireland, look no further than Paul Allen & Associates. A PR agency based out of Dublin, we work with a limited number of accounts at each turn.

This helps us meet client needs, and provide you with personal service. With years of service under our belts, we’re readily equipped to help you achieve the results you want.

Give us a call or send us an email. You can also use the form on our website to get in touch — we’d be delighted to hear from you.

Why Hire a PR Agency?

At Paul Allen & Associates, we want the best for you and your business. We offer a range of services, from crisis and issue management, to public affairs and lobbying.

Rest assured that we can meet your demands, completely transforming your public relations process. After all, with our help, you have less to worry about, and more time to focus on what really matters.

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