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Corporate Communication

Strategy and reputation

A successful business requires a positive, enduring corporate reputation. However, building one can be daunting. At Paul Allen & Associates, we know that this comes down to one thing — corporate public relations.

In fact, corporate communication can help improve credibility and boost engagement among your customers and key stakeholders. This includes improving your corporate perception. You can do this by maintaining community relations, business performance, and industry leadership.

We can help you achieve this — and we have 28 years of experience, to prove it. Our practical skills include helping our clients shape, develop, and protect their corporate reputation. To do this, we utilise strategic communications.

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We’ll tell you a little more about corporate PR, and what it entails.


What Is Corporate Communication?

In a nutshell, corporate communications is a term used to describe how businesses, individuals, and organisations interact with clients and stakeholders. However, this can extend to corporate public relations outside these groups. In fact, it can include:

  • Employees.
  • Government organisations. This is especially important if you run a non-profit organisation.
  • Media publications. Proper corporate PR could help improve your business’ public perception.
  • Potential customers. It’s important to engage with potential customers, to build your business.

If you’re unsure about where to begin, here’s where a corporate PR agency can come in handy. Most corporate public relations firms have the knowledge and the capability to assist in better corporate communications.

What Is a Corporate Communications Strategy?

Many corporate PR companies understand how to implement a corporate communications strategy. But what exactly are these strategies? How can they benefit your business?

Well, a corporate communications strategy is crucial for clear, concise communication. Generally, you’ll use these strategies to communicate with your employees, clients, and stakeholders. You can also use these methods to interact with your suppliers and manufacturers.

Properly implemented, these strategies can help expand your business. These strategies could also result in your stakeholders and suppliers understanding your company better. Therefore, they could work to meet your needs, instead of operating with the bare minimum.

What Do Corporate Communications Do?

Corporate PR firms can provide businesses with a huge advantage. By letting a PR firm handle your corporate comms, you’re leaving it to the experts — quite literally. Furthermore, this gives you more time to focus on your own business.

But what do these firms do? Well, in terms of corporate communications, a public relations company will focus on:

  • Creating employee handbooks. This helps ensure clear, concise information for new hires. It also helps them understand company ongoings, as well as who they report to.
  • Event management. This can be extremely handy, especially if you need an impartial third party at internal meetings. In fact, employees might feel far more comfortable with a third-party facilitator.
  • Internal communication. Here, they can help draft official company emails and memos. They can also assist in announcing company-wide news.
  • Publications. In addition to these tasks, the corporate public relations company can create and edit your blogs and newsletters. They can also help curate your social media accounts.

With these corporate PR examples, it’s clear that having a PR firm on hand can be extremely helpful. Therefore, consider bringing one on board to help develop and grow your business.

What Is Corporate PR?

When it comes to corporate PR, definition matters. Thankfully, we’re here to tell you that its definition isn’t as complicated as it may sound. In fact, corporate PR is all about communication.

Corporate public relations professionals simply assist in stakeholder and employee communication. These PR businesses exist to help you shine.

Many corporate PR firms can assist in many other communication aspects. However, they predominantly focus on ensuring that to your employees and stakeholders, you’re number one.

What Is Corporate Image in Public Relations?

In public relations, a corporate image refers to the public perception surrounding your business. This could be anywhere in between overwhelmingly positive, to negative. Many corporate PR companies work to improve their clients’ public image.

You might assume that a company with an overwhelmingly positive corporate image doesn’t require PR services. However, this isn’t the case. In fact, many businesses with positive corporate images choose to work with PR companies.

Working with a PR company can help ensure that your organisation’s corporate image is completely taken care of.

How Do Corporate Communications Link to Corporate Objectives?

Your corporate communication can play a big role in your company’s objectives. When done right, your corporate communications can inspire your employees and stakeholders. This could then lead them to hit targets.

To achieve this, many organisations work with corporate public relations firms. This helps them strike the right balance of positivity, enthusiasm, and encouragement in corporate communications.

What Are the Different Types of Corporate Communications?

There are two main types of corporate communication. It’s important to understand that both these types require different skill sets. For best results, they shouldn’t be combined or used interchangeably.

External Corporate Communications

Many public relations consultants are familiar with external corporate communications. In fact, this is the skill set you’ll need when presenting your company to the general public.

This helps when interacting with clients or pitching to new customers. It can also help when simply advertising in the media.

Internal Corporate Communications

Internal corporate comms can require a little more finesse. Essentially, this is the way the company communicates internally — from its employees to its management. It can also involve executives and stakeholders.

This can require a little more skill, as your tone can affect perceptions of your company culture. Therefore, it’s important to find the appropriate tone and strike the right balance.

How to Measure Corporate Communications?

A key part of corporate communication services is measuring the impact. This helps to keep your goals in sight. It also assists in formulating an effective plan.

To do this, take note of these steps:

  1. Focus on the outcome. What do you hope to achieve?
  2. Establish contributing factors. Stakeholders play a role here, so look at their behaviours, and how that can affect the outcome.
  3. Explore hindrances and constraints. How can you overcome these to achieve your desired outcome?
  4. Determine a plan.

Measurement comes in at the final step. You’ll need to measure whether or not the communications and effort will outweigh the outcome. Once you’ve looked at the data, you can make a decision based on this.

Why Is Corporate Communication Important?

In PR, corporate communications can play a fairly important role. In fact, it can completely affect your interactions with your employees. It can also play a role in stakeholder interactions.

Furthermore, a good corporate public relations strategy can influence public perceptions surrounding your company. Therefore, we’d recommend bringing on a corporate communication consultant, where possible.

How to Improve Corporate Communication?

If you’re looking to improve your corporate public relations, we’d recommend consulting with a PR expert. At Paul Allen & Associates, we can help you achieve this. In fact, we’re well-versed in building our clients’ strategies and reputations.

Our hands-on assistance, combined with our practical skill set, will help improve your corporate communications — both internally and externally.

Where to Find the Best Corporate Communication Services?

If you’re looking to improve your corporate public relations, look no further than Paul Allen & Associates. We’re an accomplished PR team, equipped with 28 years of experience. We also offer our clients personalised, hands-on service.

In fact, we only take on a limited number of clients, so you know you’ll get all the help you need. To find out how we can help you, call, email, or fill out the form on our website. We’d be delighted to hear from you!

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