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Event Management

We Will Arrange Everything.

With a combination of innovation and insight, our event management team delivers your company message—our effective communication strategies and initiatives ensure a clear understanding of your company values.

Our visionary, focused consultants work to develop strategic plans to enable our clients to achieve their company goals. With over 28 years of experience building digital strategies, effective media solutions, and solid, trusted connections.

We work with internationally renowned experts in every field who deliver professional expertise while driving audience engagement. Ultimately creating an exciting and memorable event.

Our multi-platform integrated campaigns, which implement digital strategies and effective social media solutions, guarantee 360-degree engagement.

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What is meant by event management?

Event management is a project management discipline that focuses on planning and executing large-scale activities—celebrations, gatherings, meetings, conferences, corporate gatherings, concerts, and conventions. Therefore an event management team working with a business will research a brand, determine its target demographic, conceptualise and plan the technical aspects before a launch.

What is corporate event management?

Organisations hold events to market themselves, build business relationships, raise money, or celebrate achievement. Event management is a tool for strategic marketing and communication used by companies of every size.

Corporate event management companies offer enormous benefits as a means to communicate with current and potential customers. Advertising focused events like press conferences, promotional events, or product launches are just some tools that event management companies utilise.

Event managers may also use traditional news media to target their audience, hoping to generate media coverage to reach 1000s or millions of people.

The event manager for corporate events takes care of the planning and organising different corporate stakeholders’ events and engaging the attendees during the event.

As a rule, when planning a corporate event, there are a few key things to consider to ensure smooth running.

Critical factors of event management:

  • Defining your audience.
  • Goal setting/strategic planning
  • Metrics for performance improvement
  • Planning and scheduling
  • Budgeting
What are the benefits of event management?

Many small business owners are concerned that their interactions with an event management agency will be prohibitively expensive. The reality is that the alternative will almost always result in significantly higher charges.

The best event management companies always have their clients’ best interests at heart. This is why the service’s price will be disclosed in advance.

Corporate event management companies with extensive experience understand the steps to take and the amount of time required to plan an impeccably organised event. They will manage all aspects of the planning process, allowing the client to concentrate on publicising and preparing for the event.

Regardless of the nature of the corporate event you’re planning, choosing a partnership with a reputable event management company makes sense. Thus, choosing experienced professionals with an excellent track record will simplify the event planning process.

The next step is to meet with event organisers and ask relevant questions. Besides, you can discuss your concept and determine whether their know-how applies to the project you have in mind.

What do event management companies do?

Professional event management services relieve you of the pressures associated with the event. The management team will book event locations for executive gatherings, conventions, networking activities, trade shows, and relevant organisational needs.

Generally, this includes taking care of product launches, team-building retreats, and training sessions that include a more customised atmosphere. A competent event manager will oversee all aspects of the event to bring your concept to life, from preparation to execution, while ensuring that the company’s message is clear.

Additionally, they fully engage attendees to ensure the experience consistently and entertaining.

What are the different types of event management?

The world of event management is changing, with many companies now utilising technology to create more focused strategies and types of event management for their clients.

Technology and mobile event applications are now more prevalent in event management.  Mobile apps, for instance, are beneficial for storing relatively static information for instance. Namely, the agenda, speaker biographies, and frequently asked questions.

They also increase audience participation and engagement by utilising interactive tools such as live voting polling, submitting questions to speakers during Q&A sessions, and creating Live Interactive word clouds.

By communicating via mobile event apps, organisers can communicate with participants via notifications and push notifications and collect feedback from participants via surveys.

With built-in networking functionality, some mobile event apps can also assist participants in engaging with one another. Simultaneously engaging with sponsors and with the organisers.

In summary, software tools provide event planners with the ability to manage numerous activities such as delegate registration, suppliers, hotel and travel bookings.

Sustainable event management is another format that is currently trending. Event greening begins at the event’s conception and emphasises environmentally responsible decision making throughout the planning. It entails incorporating sustainable development principles and practices.

Why we are the best company for event management in Ireland?

We value our clients and work hard towards meeting their business needs. We at Paul Allen & Associates have built a team that goes above and beyond to ensure client satisfaction.

Our innovative, professional and dedicated approach to our clients means we stay ahead of current trends. We take great pride in consistently delivering the very best focused strategic direction to all of our clients. Ultimately ensuring their successful business progression. Contact us if needed today!

Crisis Management

We take care of it within the golden hour.

Paul Allen & Associates are regularly called upon to prepare and update crisis management plans before a crisis hits. Our pre-emptive approach is like an insurance policy, assuring that you will not be scrambling to gather the information you need in the midst of a crisis.

Maintaining Focus under Pressure: Key Points to Remember

Preparation: Train, educate and advise
Access: Review and Fix
Patch, patch, patch
Seek advice and deal with professionals
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28 Years Experience

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